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Sometimes amateur, sometimes professional, reviews of local, national, and international beer.


Montgomery Brewing’s Secret Ingredient: Friendliness

Maybe the whole town of Montgomery is full of friendly people.


10 Must Try Minnesota Beers This Holiday Season

With the holidays upon us, the liquor store shelves are inundated with winter warmers, Christmas ales, and other seasonal specialties. Choosing the right beers for your gatherings this holiday season can be…


Lakes and Legends – Minneapolis’s Newest Brewery

With Lakes and Legends grand opening celebration this Saturday, I thought I would stop in and see what the new brewery located in Loring Park had to offer. I was…


Indeed Debuts Rum King & Mosaic 2014

Fall is a wonderful season for beer drinkers. 1006141558Breweries switch over from the light summer ales and pull out the big guns. Oktoberfests, Pumpkin Spice, and Fresh Hops. Oh My!

Indeed Brewing Mexican Honey Imperial Lager

Indeed Brewing Mexican Honey Imperial Lager

With aggressive honey character from start to finish and just enough alcoholic heat to get its point across, the Indeed Brewing Mexican Honey Imperial Lager will probably take you by surprise.


Schell’s Cracks a Tallboy Just for the Current – Schell’s The Current Beer

Local music needs a local beer. No other local brewery has more history than Schell’s and no other local radio station does more for Minnesota music than The Current. These…

Summit Brewing Frost Line Rye Ale

Summit Brewing releases new seasonal beer: Frost Line Rye

Summit Brewing Company announced the release of Frost Line Rye, an in-between-seasons seasonal beer for late winter. Frost Line Rye is available in beer coolers and pubs starting this week. This…

Cherry Double Dunkel

Badger Hill Brewing’s Cherry Poppin’ Daddy

Wandering with a Minnesota Brewery wan·der·lust: a strong desire to travel; an impulse to wander I’m a beer lover that lives in the Twin Cities and I’m a husband and…