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You’re Bringing What to My Party?!

Starting today, we’ll be bringing you tasting notes and our take on different beers. Sometimes we’ll taste hometown brews, and other times we’ll sample things you have to beg, borrow or steal for. Typically, we’ll taste beers in groupings of three (watch..this will be the first thing to fall by the wayside) and we’ll give our opinions on each.

Brewed in Minnesota

Now you can drink local and wear local, all while supporting beer Brewed in Minnesota. Look for
Brewed in Minnesota products at select MN breweries, retailers, craft beer events, and online at

Iron Brewer Minnesota – A New Kind of Homebrewing Competition

Are you up to the challenge? Do you have what it takes to be the best of the best? Iron Brewer MN is a new homebrewing exhibition that pits brewers and their beer against each other in a public setting.

Steel Toe Brewery Taproom Approved

After working with St. Louis Park City Council for half a year Steel Toe Brewing is approved for a Taproom.

Excelsior Brewing Company

The newest face in our exploding craft beer scene is Excelsior Brewing Company, who just opened up their doors on Monday for both pint sales and growler fills. The 3,000-square foot facility is located in the city for which they are named, and is catering to its residents.

Excelsior Brewing Opens

Excelsior Brewer will officially open their doors to the public at 2pm 7/2. Bridge Jumper IPA will be pouring in the tap room and growlers will be ready for sale.

Third Street Brewhouse

The last few years have been an exciting time for beer drinkers in Minnesota. We have seen a real groundswell in the craft beer community. Small breweries are popping up left & right. Third Street Brewhouse, the latest brewery to jump into the craft beer scene, is anything but small and not exactly new.

2nd Annual Nordeast Big River Homebrew Competition

Registration is OPEN for the Nordeast Big River Homebrew Competition. From Aug 1 – Sep 1 you can register for this BJCP/AHA competition being held in Nordeast Minneapolis!