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Hop City Brewing – Barking Squirrel

By Andy Giesen First of all, I must admit I’m not the biggest fan of lagers that ever existed.  It probably has something to do with reminding me of the…

You’re Bringing What to My Party?!

By Kat Magy Just in case you haven’t yet, take a moment and pinch yourself so you remember that there is a wide world of beer outside of Our Great…

Adventures in Beer Pairing

By Derek Allmendinger People have been drinking beer with pizza for hundreds of years. It’s a natural combination. Coincidentally, my first taste of beer was in a pizza joint. It…

Five Steps to Starting a Brewery in Minnesota — Legally

If you’re looking to start a brewery in Minnesota, you need more than a passion for beer and a thorough understanding of the science that goes into brewing. You must also understand the legal aspects that will affect your ability to manage a brewery.

Kinney Creek looks to “Fire up the Brewery” with Kickstarter

I always figured that with plenty of people and lots of restaurants, a local brewery would fit in nicely in Rochester. Well, it looks like that day might finally be coming.

You’re Bringing What to My Party?!

It seemed somewhat inappropriate to celebrate a month of Minnesota beer without ever stepping into a brewery to do some sampling. So we’ll wrap it up on this high note with a visit to Steel Toe Brewing in St. Louis Park.

Summit Brewing Company announces the release of Unchained 11: Old 152

Unchained 11 is named Old 152 after the official steam engine of the state of Kentucky. The beer pours a chestnut color with a slight haze and exhibits flavors of biscuit, toast and rye. Kentucky Common beers traditionally feature a “sour mash,” also used in the process of making another Kentucky staple: bourbon. Old 152 itself will not be sour but will feature crisp, caramel notes and a clean bitterness