Nisswa Minnesota Breweries Petition City Council to Allow Sunday Growler Sales

The brewers are getting restless in Nisswa, MN.

The brewers of Nisswa Minnesota want to be able to sell growlers of their beer on Sundays. The only problem, the Nisswa City Council won’t allow it.

Last year’s legalization of Sunday growler sales has seen widespread success across the Minnesota. However, one of the stipulations of the new law states that brewers must gain approval from their local municipality before being able to take part in the delicious freedom of convenient commerce. So, you have Nisswa Minnesota.

After twice asking, and twice being voted down, the local brewers of Big Axe and Gull Dam are gathering signatures and hoping that the third time is the charm. If anything, obstacles like these lend credence to the opinion that when Sunday liquor sales are legalized, it should be legalized statewide.



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