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How Many Taps is Too Many? — The Paradox of Choice in Beer Lists

It’s no secret that since the beginning of the local craft beer boom, there has been major change in the bar business as well. Not long ago were the days…

Crazy Aunt - Gin and Tonic Beer - Insight Brewing

Insight Brewing’s Summer Release: Crazy Aunt – A Gin and Tonic-Style Ale

A new beer release from Insight Brewing launches Wednesday (5/3) and it will set the bar high for new and creative offerings from Minnesota brewers this summer. Crazy Aunt, a…

Summer on the mind with Summit Boundary Waters Box

It’s going to be a good couple of seasons for Minnesotans. A couple old-time favorites are making a return in April as part of Summit’s Boundary Waters Box, including Summit’s…

overpriced surly surdyks liquor

Surdyk’s pulls expensive Sunday sales stunt

The internet was ablaze Sunday after Surdyk’s Liquor and Cheese Shop opened — more than three months ahead of schedule of the first legal Sunday liquor sales date on July 2. Ignoring…

Modist Brewing Co. begins distribution

The Twin Cities beer market is about to be modified. Modist Brewing Co., the North Loop brewery that does brewing just a little differently than the rest of the crowd,…

St Patricks Day Rally for Sunday liquor Sales in Minnesota

Senate Passes Sunday Liquor Sales 38-28

History Made Minnesota Senate made history today with a 38-28 vote. The vote would allow, but not require, the sale of liquor, wine, beer and in off-sale establishments in Minnesota….

Sunday liquor Sales #SundaySalesMN

Sunday Liquor Sales MN Senate Vote Count – #SundaySalesMN

Minnesota Senators need to hear from you! The House passed a bill repealing the Sunday liquor sales ban. The Senate Commerce Committee approved their version with a recommendation to pass…

Woodford Barrel - Town Hall Brewery Barrel-aged week

Town Hall Brewery Barrel-Aged Week Preview

In an ever-shifting beer market, few constants remain. Thankfully one of those constants resides in the Seven Corners area of Minneapolis. Town Hall Brewery has been delighting the local beer…