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The House and Senate version of the Tax Omnibus bill are in conference committee to hash out differences between the bills. The House version has a steep increase alcohol taxes….

Sunday Alcohol Sales Amendment Fails

Sadly, the Sunday sales amendment sponsored by Tina Liebling was shot down by both sides of the aisle. Watch video testimony here. Shortly after the vote House Minority Leader Kurt…

Sunday Liquor Sales Amendment to be Introduced

Sunday liquor sales amendment will be introduced in the House Wednesday by Tina Liebling, State Representative (26A, DFL). Click here to call or email your Rep and tell them to…

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House Passes Omnibus Tax Bill

The House of Representatives passed their version of the Tax Omnibus Bill HF 677. Included in the bill is a substantial excise tax increase that has been largely opposed by Minnesota…

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Death and Taxes

Taxes It has been a while since the liquor excise tax has increased in Minnesota, and there is a movement afoot at the Capitol to change that. The House Tax Omnibus HF 677, will increase…

Sunday Liquor Sales Hearing in House Committee

HF 521, a bill to legalize Sunday liquor sales will be heard in the House Commerce Committee today at 4 p.m. in the Basement Hearing Room of the State Office Building….

Minneapolis Craft Beer Pioneer Supports Sunday Liquor Sales

To whom it may concern, My name is Al McCarty, and I have been an avid follower of the craft beer scene nationwide for over 20 years, and a bar…

Video: Sunday Sales at the Capitol

It isn’t just consumers that want Sunday liquor sales. The Minnesota Licensed Beverage Association, along with other liquor store owners, say opening on Sundays would simply pull sales from other…