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Home brewing in Minnesota

Big Brew Day

Homebrewing is the roots that the current craft beer explosion has grown from. Driven by the need to create a different beer experience from what was previously offered. Driven by…

Vine Park at Midway Stadium

4th Annual Vine Park Brewing Photo Contest

Once again Vine Park Brewing Co is inviting you to win a FREE batch of beer or wine by entering their 4th Annual Photo Contest. Submit one or more digital…

Video Interview with Lucid Brewing & Top Brewer

Kelsi talks with Jon Messier and Mark Shotick about Lucid Brewing Company, home brewing, and the Top Brewer competition.

Gone for a Burton Ale

Homebrewing has become of passion of mine since 2009. My very first batch, like most, was a simple extract with specialty malt steeped. It was a kolsch, if I remember…