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Home brewing in Minnesota

2014 Gambrinus Club Award

Minnesota home brewers earn acclaim at National Homebrew Conference

Several Minnesota homebrewers returned from AHA’s National Homebrewers Conference in Grand Rapids, Michigan with heads held high and awards held even higher. Over 8,000 brewers across the country took part…

spent grain

Eating Spent Grain: Primer

Spent grain in cooking primarily contributes a textural aspect. As a dried garnish atop a beef barley soup, it adds a bit of crunch. It adds a chewiness, a touch of roasty nuttiness, and some nice structural and textural changes to a loaf of bread. It can be used in soup or pancakes, ground into flour, used wet or dry, and even incorporated into cookies and pastries.

Chop and Brew

Chop and Brew Launches Online Superstore

Former news guy, former Northern Brewer guy, current Summit Brewing guy Chip Walton’s latest project, Chop and Brew, is picking up steam. For almost a year Chip has been taking…

Nordeast Big River Brew Fest LogoGradient

3rd Annual Nordeast Big River Brew Fest

The 3rd Annual Nordeast Big River Brew Fest will be on Saturday October 19th, 1:00-4:00pm at the Grain Belt Bottling House on 79 13th Avenue NE, MPLS.  The festival will…


The Art of Judging Beer

I was leaving my house, notebook in hand, to go to the Minnesota State Fair to judge beer when I said to my friend and temporary roommate, “Well, I’m off…

All Pints North

All Pints North 2013 Preview

All Pints North 2013 Preview Minnesota Craft Brewers Guild’s annual All Pints North Summer Brew Festival is happening again this weekend in Duluth. The festival is one of the premier…

Lucid Brewing

Lucid Brewing – BFD

Do you want to be a BFD at Lucid Brewing? Enter the Lucid Brewing BFD (Brewer For a day) home brewing competition! Lucid Brewing is holding a new homebrew contest,…


Big Brew Day

Homebrewing is the roots that the current craft beer explosion has grown from. Driven by the need to create a different beer experience from what was previously offered. Driven by…

Keep our beer money in MN

Legalize Sunday liquor sales in MN

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