Beers to enjoy as the weather chills

Quick! There’s not much time left until frost is a daily word again and snow is on the horizon. Some beers are firmly in the fall category, some in the winter category and some, like the three listed below, can be enjoyed in either setting. But don’t waste any time. Check them out for yourself today!
Rood Tart Red Ale
Borealis Fermentery

Borealis Fermentery is known for its small-batch Belgian style ales made in a small timber frame strawbale brewery in Knife River just north of Duluth. Borealis is also known because owner and brewer Ken Thiemann has been kicking out high-quality beers for a while, and one to consider as the crisp air returns and brings us toward that cold winter nip is Rood, a tart red ale. Once a winter seasonal, the popularity of this tart, but not-too-sour ale, led Ken to produce it year-round. Grab one today.

Watts Wheat Wine
Tin Whiskers Brewing Company

This anniversary beer is still lingering about with a little searching. It’s a big beer at 9.4% ABV, which will keep you warm in the coming months. Tin Whiskers continues to increase its footprint and this Wheat Wine, with its notes of orange, honey, and peppercorn is one to please Twin Cities consumers.

Yamma Jamma Harvest Ale
Indeed Brewing Company

I’m not ready to let go of fall just quite yet, how about you? While I love a good brown ale and my share of Oktoberfests, I’m one of the few (the many?) who really enjoys a pumpkin — or yam — beer, if done well. Count Indeed’s Yamma Jamma Harvest Ale among them. Brewed with sweet potatoes (yes!) and delicately spiced, Yamma Jamma hits all the right notes as the mercury bounces between cozy and chilly. It’s equally perfect to be enjoyed by an evening fire as it is by the TV watching the Vikings defeat whatever team is on the schedule (keep hope alive). Hurry, though, distribution ends in November. I can’t imagine this festive brew will stay on shelves for long.



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