Town Hall Brewery Barrel Aged Week

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Date(s) - Monday, February 18 - Saturday, February 23
5:00 pm

Town Hall Brewery


It’s time again for Town Hall Brewery’s Barrel Aged Week.  Beers will be sold in growlers, and available by ticket only. Tickets go on sale on 2/10 at opening time.

Prices are as follows: $45 for Double Barrel, $40 for Manhattan Barrel, and $30 for Tumalous Rare, Double Barrel Jack Frost, Buffalo Bock, Twisted Trace, and Czar Jack. You will be permitted to buy up to one growler of each style while they last.

Due to supply, we will sell only 30 Tumaluous Rare, Manhatten Barrel, and Double Barrel jack Frost, 60 Buffalo Bock, and 100 each of Twisted Trace and Czar Jack.

Here are the beer descriptions from Town Hall’s Facebook page:

Monday 2/18- Twisted Trace- Our Barrel Aged Barley Wine has never tasted so splendid. We changed to barrels from a different distilllery because we were unhappy with the performance from the barrels we used before. Wow, that was the correct decision

Tuesday 2/19- Double Barrel Aged Jack Frost- This Imperial Stout was aged for one of our aging seasons (6-12 months) in a whiskey barrel and then moved into a French Oak red wine barrel fresh from California and aged for another season. Special Beer!

Wednesday 2/20- Manhatten Barrel- Production on this beer will be increased next year! We stopped at a distillery we had not yet used (that I believe has natural cherry character) for a prospect barrel. We aged our Grand Cru with tart cherries for many moons then added it to this fine bourbon barrel. Well my father in law introduced me to Manhattans (he does not use bitters) I think he would be proud of this Bourbon “Manhattan”

Thursday 2/21- Buffalo Bock – The return of the bourbon aged Weizenbock from last year. This beer surprised the brewers and the customers the first time it was made. It really is nice

Friday 2/22- Tumaltuous Rare- Our wheat wine aged in bourbon barrels. Nice and delicate, this one offers great toffee character

Sat 2/23- Czar Jack- Russian style Imperial stout. Nice beer and for those of you that missed the coconut character that we usually get from the wood last year….it is back this year!