Mid-week Beer Geek: Tallgrass Wild Plum Farmhouse Ale

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Date(s) - Wednesday, July 31
6:00 pm

Nomad World Pub


Les saisonniers (seasonal farm workers) were special folks in European agricultural history. So special that they had an entire beer style dedicated to them..the saison, or farmhouse ale.

Saisons were brewed on farms during the off-season with payment of the saisonniers in mind. Each day or week’s work was equal to a certain allotment of ale along with wages; a practice that we believe should be reinstated for the current day work force!

Instead of waiting around patiently for your boss to reinstate your weekly ale, stop on down to the Nomad to try the style as imagined by Tallgrass, including an infusion of hand-picked wild plums. The 5.6% ABV will ensure you’re feeling refreshed after a long day in the field, but is light enough to make sure you’re able to drive the tractor the next day without any harsh side effects!