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Date(s) - Wednesday, November 14
6:00 pm

Nomad World Pub


This week we tap 2 Vanberg & Dewulf Belgian special selections as part of their Coast to Coast Toast: Hop Ruiter from Schelde Brewery, and Scaldis Belgian Special Ale.

Scaldis is special brew, it comes in at 12%ABV, but it has a dry, pleasant nutty finish. Three different malts go into Scaldis, making it a beer with as much nuance as potency. Woodsy, toasty, sherry nose, with caramel, toffee, candied pineapple and prune notes.

Hop Ruiter combines Belgian appreciation for aromatic esters with the American passion for hops. Three different hop varieties are used; two in the boil and one in dry hopping. The combination of type and technique gives Hop Ruiter a tannic almost oaky hop acidity reminiscent of good white wines.

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